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As I write this letter, we as a state are under a "stay at home order " imposed by Governor Brad Little. Real Estate transactions have been excluded from this order
as essential services to the infrastructure of the state.
Home Inspections are a very integral and necessary part of this process.
With this exception comes a high level of accountability in how we choose to conduct our parts of these transactions.
Blue Wing Inspections has achieved the InterNACHI COVID-19 continuing education certification to insure we are doing our part to reduce the influence as well as ensuring our own safety. We will wear PPE including mask, gloves and booties during the inspection. Tools and other essential gear are treated in an Ozone Generator prior to the inspection. Ozone has been proven to kill the CV-19 Virus.
Home Inspections are easily conducted within social distancing guidelines as they are solo by design.
The industry specific technology also allows for necessary agreements to be signed, payments to be made and delivery of the report made without contact. If there are questions after reading the report, a phone call can be made.
I encourage buying agents to provide Blue Wing Inspections with the CBS Code for the Supra-Key Box. This will eliminate the need for the agent to be physically present simply to provide access. If you need instructions on how to find a CBS code, just ask, I will send you a document.
The biggest adjustment is going to be in how occupied homes are handled. It has always been industry standard the seller or occupant not be present during the inspection. This was to allow the buying side of the transaction to be able to discuss the inspection results without influence from the seller. If the seller was not comfortable with this, we always understood and worked around them.
This is not going to be possible now.
Occupants will be required to leave the home for the duration of the inspection under current safety guidelines. This will be 3.5 to 4 hours. I realize this is not as simple as it was only a few weeks ago.
Occupants will also be required to sign a “hold harmless agreement” releasing Blue Wing Inspections from any liability in regards to COVID-19. A copy of this will be provided with any inspection request.
I look forward to continuing to provide the same high-quality service to my customers as before the influence of COVID-19 but with the above imposed limitations.
No matter how you view the restrictions imposed by individual businesses as well as local, state and national government you must agree the spread is almost entirely person to person, restrictions in place reflect that fact.

Robert (Jeff) Woodman CPI